Celtic World Fine Art Print by Michael Tingle

Packed with detail on Celtic Culture: Cosmology, Artwork, Herbs, Sacred Sites, Festivals, Ogham. 45cm x 65cm.



With the aim of concentrating all the salient points of the Celtic culture into one picture for prosperity. All the major Celtic art styles are presented around the border, the central sword depicts the cosmological Celtic belief system, the panels around the edge contain instruction for basic Celtic art construction, the druidic code for abstract concepts (Ogham), the herbs used by the druid for healing in the British Isles, a current map of the remaining stone circles plus much, much more. Featuring:

  • The Celtic cosmological diagram
  • The yearly festivals
  • Basics methods of Celtic art construction
  • Essential herbs used by the British Druid
  • The fundamentals of Ogham secret Druid language
  • A map of the remaining stone circles in Britain and Ireland
  • Samples from the key periods in Celtic art Journey of the soul allegorical border

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Size 45cm x 65cm. Lithographic print onto heavy weight art paper.


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