Vermeil Large Focus Fairy Necklace

A beautiful golden fairy poised on a twinkling jewel. Our Focus Fairy holds her wings and arms outstretched, pointing her toes as she stands on a tiny cubic zirconia. Plated in 24ct yellow gold, this fairy glows as she flies from a delicate chain.



Your Vermeil fairy necklace will be wrapped with a note written by designer Janice Cooke:

Work with this diva for five minutes or more every day by focusing upon those things or qualities that bring you joy, pleasure and fulfilment. What makes you happy? Which qualities about yourself do you enjoy? As you practise with this energy of appreciation, you will create more of that quality or those qualities in your life.

Designed by Janice Cooke in collaboration with Joy Everley,
This fairy necklace was designed in London and has been handcrafted using traditional lost wax casting, before being hallmarked by the London Assay Office.


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